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Yamaha Warranty Claim

Scope of Warranty

All Yamaha motorcycles that registered from 1st July 2019 onwards are entitled for the 2 years or 20,000km warranty period.
Battery and tyres are warranted for a period of 5,000KM or 6 months, whichever comes first from the date of purchase.
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Valid (Only if) Invalid (In case of)
Vehicle serviced as per recommended schedule at
authorised Yamaha dealer.
Parts subjected to consumable or normal wear & tear.
Using ONLY Yamaha genuine parts and YAMALUBE
engine oil during warranty period.
Parts / repairs subjected to misuse or accident.
Having manufacturing defect in parts. Repairs subjected to normal maintenance.
Vehicle is in standard condition (not modified). Vehicle used for commercial purpose.
Attach service record in Authorised Dealer shop with
original copy of Tax invoice/Receipt during warranty
claim submission.
Vehicle serviced and repaired at unauthorised

Warranty Policy

We advise our valuable customers to read the “Jaminan & Kupon Servis” booklet before you contact us to avoid any inconvenience. The claim for replacement or repair of part (s) shall be considered only when:
  • The customer avails all free and paid services from Authorised YAMAHA Dealer as per Recommended Service Schedule (please refer Owner’s Manual) and only genuine spare parts (e.g. YAMALUBE engine oil) are used.
  • The customer ensures that immediately upon occurrence of the defect he/she approaches the nearest YAMAHA Authorised Dealer with the affected vehicle. The expenses if any, to bring the vehicle to Authorised YAMAHA Dealer shall be borne by the customer.
  • The customer must present the service record in “Jaminan & Kupon Servis” booklet for YAMAHA to verify the vehicle and servicing details. YAMAHA reserves the right to refuse warranty, if the service records are not presented or if the information contained is incomplete.

For the avoidance of doubt, Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn. Bhd.’s total liability under this warranty shall be limited to the cost of the defective parts only.


  • Consumable (wear and tear) items, i.e. sprocket set, air filter, bulbs, engine oil, coolant, belting, weight (scooter), clutch plate, bearing, brake shoes, brake pad, spark plug, brake disc, gasket, fuse, and oil filter.
  • Use of non-genuine parts, non-genuine oil and lubricants.
  • Parts of motorcycle that have been subjected to misuse, accident, negligent treatment or which have been used in conjunction with parts and equipment not manufactured or recommended for use by YAMAHA such use prematurely affects the performance and reliability of the motorcycle.
  • Parts of motorcycle getting rusty or damage due to environmental factor (acids, detergent, urine of animal, sea water, water cement), natural disaster (flood, earthquake, fire) or any external causes beyond the control of YAMAHA.
  • Parts of motorcycle that have been altered and modified or replaced in unauthorised manner and which in the sole judgement of YAMAHA affects its performance and reliability.
  • Motorcycle used for any competition or race and/or for attempting to set up any kind of record. YAMAHA undertakes no liability in the matter of any consequential loss or damage caused due to failure of parts.
  • For normal phenomenon like noise, vibration, hard or soft, which do not affect the performance of the motorcycle.
  • Any profit loss, transportation charges, time loss, and external repair charges due to the breakdown of the motorcycle.
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